White Fillings

White Fillings in Winter Park, FL

White Fillings

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What is a White Filling?

White fillings (dental composite) relates to resins (tooth-colored) dentists use to fill cavities in teeth. The composite resin is composed of a special blend of plastics and fillers, like silica and dimethylglyoxime, which ‘bond’ with the tooth’s surface.

Why Should I Choose White Fillings?

White fillings are much more desirable than silver fillings. They are made to be the same color as your teeth and are not noticeable. Patients with a broken tooth often receive a white filling to completely restore the tooth’s shape. Contact our Winter Park, FL office today to get a personalized treatment plan for your white fillings!

Natural-Looking Results

White fillings are basically unnoticeable, as they blend right in with your natural teeth. A popular cosmetic dental procedure called dental bonding uses composite resin. The shade of white fillings are then blended in with the existing color of your surrounding teeth. Smile Center of Orlando has years of experience helping patients restore their smiles. Contact us today for an appointment!

White Fillings in Winter Park, FL

White fillings are very affordable and an effective dental treatment that restores strength and structure to a tooth that follows injury or treatment of cavities. As your local Winter Park dentist, our goal is to help you achieve a confident white smile. Contact our team today for an appointment and we will give you the best quality dental care in Winter Park, FL and surrounding areas!

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