Root Canals in Winter Park

Root Canals in Winter Park

Root Canals

Get to the Root of Your Tooth Pain.

What is a Root Canal?

When a tooth is destroyed by decay or is infected, a root canal treatment can help repair and save the tooth. There are several reasons a tooth’s nerve and pulp can become infected and inflamed. Trauma to the face, chips or cracks in the tooth or deep decay are just a few reasons.

You may have heard that root canals are painful. However, our Winter Park dental care team will ensure you have a painless experience.

What Are The Signs That a Root Canal is Needed?

You might need a root canal if you notice these signs:

  • Do you have extreme tooth sensitivity that lingers?
  • Do you have sharp tooth pain when biting or chewing?
  • Have you noticed “pimples” on your gums?
  • Do you have chipped or cracked teeth?
  • Do you have painful or swollen gums?
  • Decay is destroying your tooth or you might have darkened gums

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

The cost of a root canal varies and depends on many factors. The complexity of the problem and location of the tooth are the primary factors. For instance, molars are much more difficult to treat because of their location and size so the treatment fee usually cost more. Fear not, as most dental insurance plans will provide some form of coverage for endodontic treatment.

Compared to a tooth extraction and the cost of dental implants or a bridge, endodontic treatment and restoration are usually less expensive. As your local Winter Park dentist, we accept most dental insurance plans and offer several financial options if you don’t have insurance.

Root Canals in Winter Park, FL

We want you to be confident and comfortable with root canals. If you have questions, feel free to contact our dental office today and we will be happy to give you the best quality care in the Winter Park area.

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