4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

Having gray or yellow teeth can be a strong source of insecurity for people of all ages. If you are tired of dealing with tooth discoloration, you are not alone.

It’s common for adults to develop a yellow tone to their teeth as they age, and enamel thins and tooth dentin begins to show. Certain lifestyle habits also contribute to this issue, such as drinking red wine and smoking.

Even a healthy diet can play a role in this issue. Dark-colored foods such as cherries and blackberries can stain your teeth if you eat them frequently. Beloved drinks like tea and coffee are also a couple of the top culprits that stain your pearly whites.

If you want a clean, bright smile again, you should schedule an appointment with Smile Center of Orlando. Here are the four top reasons why you should choose professional teeth whitening in our Winter Park, FL dental office.

1. At-Home Remedies Are Ineffective

If you are looking for an easy way to whiten your teeth, you may have searched for home remedies on the internet. However, there’s a good reason why dentists offer professional teeth whitening.

All those teeth whitening kits that you encounter in a grocery store or online that promise to brighten your teeth in no time typically do not work. While many people try a-home methods due to a limited budget, these products are usually a waste of money. Professional teeth whitening treatments can be worth the price, as they are proven and long-lasting.

While toothpaste brands that claim to whiten your teeth may be helpful, especially if they contain fluoride, they are nowhere near as effective as dental treatments.

2. DIY Methods Can Be Dangerous

At best, many DIY teeth whitening kits and remedies are simply ineffective. At worst, you could accidentally damage your enamel and gums with the wrong choice of an at-home treatment.

Detin, the part of your tooth that lies underneath your enamel, could be the reason your teeth are discolored. If you use abrasive treatments on vulnerable teeth, you could inadvertently damage them further.

Some DIY methods involve lemon juice or a mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. These teeth whitening remedies are harmful, as they are harsh on enamel.

Lemon juice is highly acidic and may seem to work in the short term. However, getting whiter teeth from lemon juice takes a lot of repetition, which becomes harmful as the acid slowly erodes protective enamel.

A baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mix is what internet blogs and social media often tout as a safe way to get whiter teeth at home. Unfortunately, too much baking soda is harsh on your teeth and will thin your enamel with overly frequent use.

3. A Dentist Can Provide an Accurate Diagnosis

After we examine your teeth, you can receive an accurate diagnosis right away. When we find out why your teeth are discolored, you can start the correct whitening treatment as soon as possible.

For instance, tooth discoloration can be internal rather than external. No amount of scrubbing or bleaching will fix intrinsic discoloration. Internal staining often happens in childhood from excessive fluoride use or tetracycline.

We will likely ask you what medications you are taking if any. Surprisingly, some medications such as antipsychotics and antihistamines can darken your teeth even as an adult.

Whatever the problem is, we can help you get to the root of the issue and provide you with the ideal whitening treatment.

4. Professional Treatments Are Safe

When you visit our dental office for teeth whitening treatment, you feel confident that the procedure is perfectly safe.

DIY methods often lack research or are proven to be harmful. On the flipside, we will only provide treatments that science has proven effective.

Bleaching treatments, laser teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers are some safe, effective teeth whitening solutions that we can offer you.

Having dull, darkened teeth may make you self-conscious about smiling. Fortunately, this is a 100% fixable problem with the correct treatment. Cutting-edge technology makes teeth whitening fast, easy, and long-lasting.

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